Is Attorney Paul LeBreux, from Moodys Private Client Law Corrupt?

Source: ABC Money

Attorney Paul R LeBreux works for Moodys Private Client, and served as a rubber stamp for Dwight Schar on the Bella Collina POA board of directors. Now, he’s on the board of GameSquare Esports (CSE: GSQ).

Can Gamesquare Esports Shareholders Trust Paul LeBreux?

Don Juravin, who has personal knowledge of attorney Paul LeBreux ethics says: “BE CAREFUL” and indicates that based on his experience in Bella Collina, Paul LeBreux is only a rubber stamp and can be seen as unethical. In fact, Paul LeBreux served blindly the billionaire Dwight Schar who was found to be unethical by the former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and he was banned for life from the NFL, fined an estimated $30 million and has to pay legal expenses of $7 million.

“I don’t trust Paul LeBreux” states Don Juravin, the author of the new book “The Logical Proof Of The Existence Of GOD.” I would be suspicious of any company who relies on Paul LeBreux as a reference of trust, he states.

Paul LeBreux was sitting on the Bella Collina POA knowing, or should have very well know, that unethical and borderline legal action are happening in the troubled Bella Collina which is controlled by the billionaire Dwight Schar deemed to be unethical. Paul LaBreux assisted in hiding the true financials from Bella Collina homeowners, he approved or turned a blid eye to wrong doings, and benefitted his own PSR Developers company at the expense of homeowners. In that, Paul LeBreux failed miserably and shouldn’t be trusted, states Don Juravin.

Paul LeBreux’s PSR Developers Was Sued For Unethical Lending Practices

Paul LeBreux’s company PSR Developers and his partner Rick Scharich were recently sued for a list of alleged predatory violations of lending laws and unethical business practices.

The lawsuit against Paul LaBreux‘s company PSR Developers reads:
1. PSR Developers has failed to provide a statement of the loan payments or breakdown of principal and interest after demand.
2. PSR Developers failed to provide a copy of a RESPA statement at or subsequent to Closing.
3. PSR Developers failed to timely service the loan, including but not limited to failing to deposit payments received and intentionally withholding the
payments in order to cause late payments and defaults.
Paul LeBreux Accused of Shady or Questionable Landing Practices
1. PSR Developers (Paul LeBreux & Rick Scharich) provided a loan subject to the Dodd Frank Act, without being qualified or licensed as a mortgage loan processor.
2. PSR Developers provided a loan subject to the Dodd Frank Act, without making any determination as to the financial qualifications of the borrowers or ability to pay.
3. PSR Developers intentionally failed to provide notice of any late payment or default in loan payments.
4. PSR Developers (
Paul LeBreux and Rick Scharich) intentionally failed to provide any notice of default of payment under the Mortgage so as to intentionally cause and allow acceleration of the Mortgage and Note.
5. PSR Developers intentionally initiated a
foreclosure complaint before the court without first providing notice of default and the opportunity to cure, all in an effort to illegally secure possession and title to the subject property.

Is Paul LeBreux Involved In Some “Mafia-Like” Activity That Makes Him Scared Of Paul Simonson?

Some of Bella Collina residents can’t ignore their feeling of living in a community that is run by Paul Simonson in a “mafia-like” community on behalf of the big boss, Dwight Schar. Paul LeBreus allegedly seems to have been part of the POA coverup to endless wrong doings like authorizing selective enforcement against a Jewish family and abusive behavior against mothers and their kids. Richard Arrighi has been long warning about the need to have suitable trustworthy board members that are not rubber stamp of unethical Dwight Schar and Paul Simonson who manages Bella Collina, in which what many residents view as “mafia like tactics”. In another article, it was alleged that Paul Simonson was lotting valuables from Bella Collina houses and used it in his home with Jennifer Simonson while his son, Alec Simonson (now a student in FAU), allegedly sold the stolen gods on the web.

We will reveal more information in a separate article. We are further looking into additional irregularities in Paul LeBreux: past Chair of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (Canada) and a past Chair of the STEP Canada Technical Committee. Paul is a partner in the Globacor Group of Companies and a partner at Moodys Tax Law LLP. Cross-Border and International Tax and Estate Planning Domestic and International Trust Planning. Council, STEP Worldwide, Canada, Past Chair – STEP Canada Technical Committee, Former Member of Law Society of Upper Canada, Canadian Tax Foundation, Past Chair, STEP.