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Dwight Schar controls Bella Collina and he is the founder of Ryan Homes. Lately Dwight Schar has been accused of “extortion” by multiple people, including NFL Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder. In legal proceedings, Dan Snyder accused Dwight Schar of acting in a “gangster” fashion to try to force the sale of Dwight Schar’s portion of the team.

Residents in Bella Collina have been saying this about Dwight Schar for years. The Property Owners Association in Bella Collina functions merely as a rubber stamp while POA president Randall Greene acts in the interests of Dwight Schar. Dr. Jeremy Spry, president of UF Health The Villages Hospital, sits on the Bella Collina POA, but does nothing to stop this kind of behavior from his peers.

Now Dr. Jeremy Spry is being sued, along with others in the POA, by Anna Juravin and Don Juravin for the mismanagement of funds and resources in Bella Collina. According to the lawsuit, Dr. Jeremy Spry is accused of “misconduct alleged herein constitutes a breach of their fiduciary duties because they abused the civil court process in filing suit against a member of the BCPOA, for which they are responsible, for the improper purpose of unlawfully intimidating the member and his family.”


Anna Juravin and Don Juravin allege in the lawsuit, “As a result of the improper conduct described herein, and by failing to properly consider the interests of the Company and its public shareholders and by refusing to conduct proper supervision. Defendants have caused and will continue to cause BCPOA to waste valuable corporate assets and incur substantial expenses to defend Defendants’ unlawful actions.”

The lawsuit also mentions the harassment and intimidation the family has received at the hands of Dwight Schar and the Bella Collina POA. When the Juravins “repeatedly attempted to address the management issues by contacting the Property Manager, the BCPOA and its officers,” they were subjected to an onslaught of legal action and possibly illegal action in order to silence them.

Dr Jeremy Spry ACCUSED OF COVER-UP FOR MISSING MONEY approved selective enforcement against a mother & 3 daughters

President UF Health The Villages Hospital Against BLM?

The Juravins were told by the POA and the Bella Collina staff that they were “subsequently advised not to contact the Bella Collina management and that their requests would be disregarded.” This escalated when the family requested permission from the POA to post a Black Lives Matter sign in their yard over the summer of 2020. Dwight Schar’s POA wanted the sign removed. The family stated in the lawsuit that they “submitted requests for a political rally and two political signs. Some of these requests were ignored, while some were denied after pending for weeks.”

There were multiple problems with the community. Trash lay around the neighborhood, cars were parked everywhere. Construction sites left messes. Even though Anna and Don Juravin tried to use the appropriate channels within the POA, their requests were ignored.

Eventually, the situation escalated to such an extent that Randal Greene ordered that the Juravins be denied basic community services for over three years while continuing to charge them fees.”


The homes at Bella Collina sell for prices in the millions. But residents can’t just pay for the house. They have to keep up with the amenities. A lower membership at the club will cost $40,000. A higher membership could cost upwards of $80,000. There are costs to living in a neighborhood controlled by billionaire Dwight Schar and his company, DCS Capital Investments.

Homeowners are forced to pay $5,000 a year to stay in the club, as part of the HOA. All that money does not guarantee freedom from HOA laws. If homeowners do not pay their HOA fees, they can expect a lawsuit from Bella Collina, funded by Dwight Schar. In fact, they can expect several lawsuits. Dwight Schar has extensive resources.

In 2017, three of these families filed lawsuits with Bella Collina, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

There are 340,000 HOAs and POAs in the United States that rule their communities with an iron grip. Lawsuits against HOA and POA are nothing new. But many are wondering if these associations are worth it.

Brad Heckenberg, along with his wife, Lana, wanted to build an addition to their home. They submitted a request to the POA to get permission granted, in keeping with the rules of Bella Collina.

Heckenberg and his wife were told to use Phoenix Homes, to build their addition, When the Heckenbergs refused, they were denied their request from the POA. Phoenix quoted the Heckenbergs an estimate that was too high for the family, so they could not have afforded the addition if it had been approved.

As a result of the feud between the Sutherins and the POA, the property manager, Randall Greene, told the security guards to stop allowing the public school bus into the gated community. The Sutherins had to have their children leave the neighborhood in order to get picked up by the bus. The children had to walk across a major interstate highway in order to get to school.

Dr Jeremy Spry President Of UF Health The Villages Hospital AGAINST BLM

Dr Jeremy Spry Accused approving selective enforcement against a mother & 3 daughters

Like the other families, the Sutherins’ transponders were deactivated by Mr. Greene. This action meant that the Sutherins had to seek entry via the guard gate. Every time they came and left, the security guards told the Sutherins that they had to follow them, and report their location to Randall Greene.

When the Sutherins left the community and moved to another home, Randall Greene sent them a gift. Randall Greene sent a text to Kathryn Sutherin, along with an embossed mug: “Once again you give yourself too much credit in assuming I am obsessed with you people. You don’t pay your bills to anyone including several lawyers I know. We sent you a mug just to let you know that we have not forgotten that you still owe us money and we know where to send a copy of the judgment when we get it. You are the child blowing your horn and so is your husband w[ith] the chopper buzzing houses in BC. Next time I get an N [sic] number when comes out here [sic], my lawyer will file another complaint …I really don’t like white trash.”


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