Washington owner Dan Snyder's reputation damaged by Indian media company that linked him to Jeffrey Epstein: suit

Washington football team owner Dan Snyder says he’s the victim of "a corrupt misinformation campaign" inaccurately linking him to Jeffrey Epstein.

The owner, who already has a dreadful reputation, claims in court papers filed in Manhattan Federal Court that an India-based media company inaccurately linked him to the multimillionaire sex offender at the behest of unnamed adversaries. Separate filings in U.S. District Court in Virginia indicate that Snyder suspects a minority owner of the team, Dwight Schar, is involved in the smear.

The amateurish Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide articles had headlines like "Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder faces sex trafficking allegations; Internet says, ‘He was on Epstein’s list" and "#RedskinsScandal: Will Dan Snyder rename Washington Redskins the ‘Epsteins’? Angry Internet screams ‘throw him out," according to the suit.

The site is not a typical news publication, according to Snyder.

"MEAWW intentionally sows disinformation at the behest of its undisclosed clients, including governments and intelligence services, and is often hired by clients that are cloaked behind several layers of anonymous corporate entities. MEAWW thus acts as a hired agent of these unnamed entities to knowingly spread, among other things, false and defamatory statements concerning its clients’ rivals," the suit reads.

The articles are no longer online. But they were amplified by a network of other websites and Twitter accounts that Snyder’s legal team suggests are linked to MEAWW.

Snyder is locked in a legal battle with MEAWW in New Delhi court, according to the suit. The Manhattan Federal filing seeks a court order forcing a New York-based advertising company called The Ardent Group to turn over evidence. Snyder believes Ardent is connected to the website.

Epstein killed himself in August 2019 while awaiting trial for sex trafficking of underage girls after years of palling around with the rich and famous despite his well-known depravity.

Snyder has long been loathed by fans for his mismanagement of the once-storied franchise.

His reputation recently reached new lows for reasons having nothing to do with Epstein. The Washington Post reported that staff prepared an illicit video of team cheerleaders for Snyder. The owner has launched reforms aimed at cleaning up the team’s corporate culture.

Snyder’s attorney Joe Tacopina called the articles "very despicable, very damaging, linking Dan to Jeffrey Epstein, a person he’s never met before.

"I will come down like a legal hammer on those who are responsible for this cowardly act," he added.

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