Anna Juravin is a mother to three young daughters and a resident in Dwight Schar‘s Bella Collina, a troubled community in Florida. She is fed up with the harassment and intimidation by Dwight Schar, whom she sees as personally responsible.

According to Anna Juravin, Dwight Schar is well aware of the terrible things that are happening in Bella Collina. He’s the man in charge. Therefore, he has no excuses. As far as she’s concerned, no man should be hiding behind a corporate veil while his company inflicts suffering against mothers, children, and even their pets. “It may even be criminal or, at least, it feels like it,” she says.

Women & Kids Fear Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina

Many unexplained and scary incidents have taken place in Bella Collina. Anna Juravin’s car had been keyed all around while parked on her property in Bella Collina. She feels someone in Bella Collina destroyed the car “as a warning.” That doesn’t make her and her kids feel safe in Bella Collina. Since the guards are literally controlled by Dwight Schar’s team with Randall Greene and Andrew Gorrill, she suspects it was an “inside job.” Her tires had been damaged several times, to the point where she feels unsafe driving in the morning.

One night, around 1 am, when the Juravins were asleep in bed, a loud and sudden crash from the backyard startled everyone. The pizza oven in the backyard had been broken loudly by a vandal. Again, it seems to her like a threatening act of someone in Bella Collina.

The Juravins received a letter from Dwight Schar‘s legal team stating that they can no longer have the luxury of waiting for the court decision. Then, Randall Greene, Dwight Schar’s “enforcer,” ordered his men to break onto the Juravins’ property and steal their property. They removed the free speech sign without a clear court order.

Water in Juravin’s swimming pool was draining suddenly. Anna Juravin went to the pool equipment area and found that a pool cord had been sliced, as if a knife had been used.

Anna Juravin shows pool cord vandalized

Other Mothers, Kids, Families Were Also Targeted

The Sutherins were one of the original owners of a lot in Bella Collina. In 2012, after Richard Arrighi took over the POA board, the Sutherins voiced their concerns about the mismanagement of the POA. The backlash began immediately afterwards.

As a result of the feud between the Sutherins and the POA, the property manager, Randall Greene, told the security guards to stop allowing the public school bus into the gated community. The Sutherins had to have their children leave the neighborhood in order to get picked up by the bus. The children had to walk across a major interstate highway in order to get to school.

Like the other families, the Sutherins’ transponders were deactivated by Mr. Greene. This action meant that the Sutherins had to seek entry via the guard gate. Every time they came and left, the security guards told the Sutherins that they had to follow them, and report their location to Mr. Greene.

After two years, the Sutherins moved out of the community. However, they still kept their Bella Collina property, leasing it to another family instead. By moving out, the Sutherins thought they were escaping the harassment from the staff at the gated community.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Greene sent a text to Kathryn Sutherin, along with an embossed mug: “Once again you give yourself too much credit in assuming I am obsessed with you people. You don’t pay your bills to anyone including several lawyers I know. We sent you a mug just to let you know that we have not forgotten that you still owe us money and we know where to send a copy of the judgment when we get it. You are the child blowing your horn and so is your husband w[ith] the chopper buzzing houses in BC. Next time I get an N [sic] number when comes out here [sic], my lawyer will file another complaint …I really don’t like white trash.”

Bella Collina Protest

An American Entrepreneur Hindered by Schar

Anna Juravin is a Polish immigrant, housewife, and mother of three children, who lives in Florida. Mrs. Juravin, who takes care of the house, kids, and cats, is also a homeschooling mother. She also used to help her husband to manage parts of his business. Anna Juravin loves helping obese people.

Meanwhile, Anna was also battling for the safety of her home against the malicious whims of a billionaire. Dwight Schar, the owner of DCS Investments, was engaging in a lawsuit battle against Anna and her family. The billionaire minority owner of the NFL Redskins was attempting to drive the Juravins out of their home after they complained about the terrible service in Bella Collina, the Florida gated community where they lived.

These legal battles with Schar are directing valuable time and energy away from the business that Mrs. Juravin is trying to establish.

Electric Cord cut on the Juravin’s property in Bella Collina

Schar Was Made Aware Multiple Times

Mr. Schar cannot be ignorant of the misdeeds and mistreatment that Anna Juravin and her children have received at the hands of his business. Three times, Anna sent a letter listing her grievances against Schar and his employees, begging for the harassment to end.

A certified letter was delivered to Mr. Schar. It was sent back some days later, unopened. Then, the letter was delivered to Spencer Schar, Dwight Schar’s son, who manages Bella Collina. This delivery occurred twice. Still no word from Dwight Schar or his business. The lawsuits rage on.

When the Juravins were flying to Poland to visit Mrs. Juravin’s father, who had just been diagnosed with cancer, Randall Greene contacted Don. He said, “Sheriff’s office animal control unit should have been in touch with you as they were called on my instructions. Please do try to enjoy your vacation.”

The Juravins had two cats for their daughters in the house. They had hired someone to come and check on the cats daily. But instead, the Animal Control came and threatened to remove the cats unless there was a sign of someone caring for them. Fortunately, for the Juravins, the cats were allowed to remain.

The Juravins had already paid the dues for the club and the Homeowner’s Association in full, but were banned from entering the club. However, the girls’ school was holding an end-of-the-year graduation party at the club for all the students. A family friend, who had a business pass to the club, took the Juravin’s girls, who were instantly turned away by the club staff. The friend received a letter saying that the club pass would be suspended if the friend attempted to bring the girls again.

The Juravins got a letter from the club saying the young girls were not allowed to use the club even though it was a school party.

According to Anna, their property has been vandalized many times and the family has been given unreasonable demands by the community’s HOA.

Dwight Schar VICTIMS YouTube channel

Multiple Assault or Battery Related Charges

Randall F. Greene, who took over the Bella Collina POA when Dwight Schar, owner of NVR Inc., (NYSE: NVR) and DCS Capital Investments, took over Bella Collina in 2012. However, Randall Greene seems to associate with people who have a certain reputation, according to their public history.

Randall F. Greene worked for Catalfumo Construction and Development for 22 years, as the Senior Vice President of Finance. Dan Catalfumo, the head of the company, was accused of assaulting and choking his ex-fiancee, Heather Hill. Heather Hill needed 53 stitches and 5 scalp staples after she was beaten by Dan Catalfumo.

Catalfumo also pushed more than $64 million into accounts in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying his debts after the company declared bankruptcy. His creditors successfully sued for $44 million.

According to his own testimony, Randall Greene, during his time at Catalfumo, managed all of the finances. “I invested all of their money, I handled their partnerships, I approved acquisitions for property developments by the company, I reported directly to the CEO,” he said.

Once Randall Greene moved from Catalfumo to working with Dwight Schar at Bella Collina, he misappropriated funds, according to a class-action lawsuit brought up by the homeowners of Bella Collina. The lawsuit accused Randall Greene and Dwight Schar of embezzling, conspiracy, and racketeering. It was dismissed on a technicality.

While Randall Greene had put himself in charge of the POA, which was meant to be an association run by those who owned the properties, Dwight Schar had to deal with other problems. His son, Spencer Schar, had assaulted three students at Elon University. The school only suspended him for a year. In addition, they also suspended one of the students he had assaulted.

Randall Greene had his own issues with domestic violence. He was arrested for domestic battery in 2007, while he worked at Catalfumo.

Anna Juravin started a Facebook page for Dwight Schar’s VICTIMS

Dwight Schar is Aware or Approved Randall Greene’s Actions

Randall F Greene had controversially (some claim illegally) taken over the Bella Collina Property Owners Association (POA) for Dwight Schar. Mr. Schar is the owner of DCS Capital Investments and the founder of NVR Inc (NYSE: NVR). Dwight Schar’s businesses have been under congressional investigation as many homeowners feel scammed and ask to revoke Dwight Schar‘s company licenses.

Randall Greene took over Bella Collina, ran afoul of many of the residents in the Florida community. Residents have accused Randall Greene of stealing a house, of mismanaging the Bella Collina Community, and even of stalking their families. If all that isn’t enough, Randall Greene is accused by residents for harassment and intimidation.

According to Don Juravin, he holds Randall Greene as the responsible party for the well being of Bella Collina residents, directly and indirectly, as the POA president. Therefore, any harassment or intimidation, breaking, or violating privacy is Randall Greene’s responsibility.

Don Juravin, an entrepreneur who tries to help people protect themselves against fraud and scams, became one of Randall Greene’s targets. Lately, Randall F Greene has been targeting women and kids as well. In a court injunction, Florida Case No: 35.2017-DR-001326-AXXX-XX, he requested that Randall Greene be ordered to stop stalking and harassing his family, wife, and three daughters, as well as himself.

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