Dwight Schar is the owner and the person in control of Bella Collina, according to now-deleted statements made on the Bella Collina website and Facebook page. He decides who will be in the POA, and an established rumor says that he is also aware of everything that is going on in the community, according to Don Juravin, a resident of Bella Collina. And yet, Dwight Schar hides his responsibility for the community, by creating layers of companies and bureaucracies. He channels his control using a manager named Paul Simonson and an “enforcer” named Randall Greene.

Does Dwight Schar employ Randall Greene as an “enforcer”? Don Juravin says, he’ll prove it in court.

The Juravin family has suffered greatly for the last three years from harassment and intimidation by Dwight Schar’s team. Dwight Schar seems to be ok with that for as long as reporters do not link his name to controversy. However, by now, he should be aware of what’s going on because of the article on Channel 9, the class action, the 500 lawsuits, the article in the Orlando Sentinel. A boss should be responsible for what’s going on in his community when he is the top guy to have the say.

Don Juravin, American patriot, former Israeli soldier, and religious scholar, is the first one to stand up to Dwight Schar. He believes that if the other 500 families would have done the same as he does, there would not be so many Dwight Schar “victims” or Bella Collina “victims.”

Levia Juravin (12), Ynes Juravin (9), Anna Juravin and their sign which Dwight Schar or his employees opposed

Don Juravin and his wife, Anna Juravin, sent a form to the Bella Collina POA requesting approval for their sign that supported Black Lives Matter and the reform of police brutality. However, they were told to wait thirty days before the sign could be approved by the Bella Collina Architectural Review Committee. Meanwhile, several signs that were not approved by the Committee were placed all around Bella Collina.

These signs included political signs for the Lake County commissioner, golf signs, sales signs, dumpster signs, signs on porta-potties, and so on. The Juravins wished to know if it was the sign or the message that needed to be approved by Dwight Schar’s POA.

When the Juravins posted the sign, believing it to be like any other sign in the neighborhood, Dwight Schar’s “enforcer” Randall Greene, the head of the Bella Collina POA, filed a court order to have the sign removed. Even though his actions made it seem as if both he and Dwight Schar disapproved of the message, Greene still deceived the Orlando Sentinel. He told the reporter that he “agreed with the message.”

Greene’s direct response in the face of a negative message conflicts with the response received by the ABC WFTV9 team when it did an exposé on Bella Collina and its shady business practices. Reporter Steve Barett requested a statement from Bella Collina but never received one. Juravin showed Barrett the vandalism that had occurred on his property, including keying a car, cutting a pool cable, and breaking outdoor decorations.

A sign that denounced the actions of Dwight Schar and his employees was placed on Juravin’s lawn in the midst of this battle. The sign was stolen by employees before the courts had a chance to review the court filing.

Dwight Schar’s “enforcer,” Randall Greene was a key part or the founder of 13 companies. 8 of those companies are now inactive, according to the State of Florida. Meanwhile, Greene wreaks havoc on the community of Bella Collina as the president of the POA, initiating many lawsuits on homeowners and illicitly seizing property.

One of the businesses which Randall Greene worked for, Catalfumo Construction and Developments, went bankrupt in 2011. Courts accused the business of stashing $64 million in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying its debts. Greene left the company after 22 years. He worked as a Senior Vice President of Finance at Catalfumo, stating that he was in charge of the company’s assets. “I invested all of their money, I handled their partnerships, I approved acquisitions for property developments by the company, I reported directly to the CEO,” he said in one testimony.

Residents say that Randall Greene and Christina Greene stole a house belonging to Jordan and Maya Rupert and as a result, Randall Greene was sued in court for fraudulent real estate transaction that ended up also benefiting maybe Dwight Schar’s company. The Ruperts had hired someone to buy their house for them, but the buyer put the house in his wife’s name, not theirs. Randall Greene deposed the buyer and stole the house, neglecting to pay for the property. Judge Mark Hill ordered Randall Greene to “vacate the premises” and clean the house for the Ruperts in Florida case no. 2012-CA-002916.

Don Juravin claims that Dwight Schar knows that Randall Greene is the guy that uses tactics of intimidation and harassment and therefore he chose him to do his (Dwight Schar’s) work in Bella Collina POA and Bella Collina district. Probably because Randall Greene, as the “enforcer”, is willing to do the “dirty work” for Dwight Schar. Otherwise, says Don Juravin, Randall Greene is a “nobody” and should have never been considered to any position of trust. Juravin insists that soon Dwight Schar and his team will be deposed and discovery will reveal problematic real estate transactions that can possibly be illegal. Juravin refused to state if the authorities have been already informed.

Schar is a minority owner for the Washington NFL Redskins, a football team that has been criticized for its racist name and apparel. He seems to have missed the message.

Previously, a political sign endorsing Commissioner Cadwell was allowed to be placed in Bella Collina, which claims to prevent signs from being placed in front or backyards. Why was it acceptable for Greene and Schar to approve the Cadwell sign and not the Black Lives Matter sign?

Over the course of ten years, between 2010 and 2020, 400 families in Bella Collina sold their property and left, rather than pay the Club fees. A class-action lawsuit was filed against DCS Investments, Dwight Schar, and his employee: Randall Greene, who was arrested for domestic violence.

Don Juravin and his family have been subjected to much racism and anti-Semitic behavior at the hands of Dwight Schar and his employees. Out of hundreds of families who have been displeased or lost millions of Dollars, Juravin was the only one who dared to stand up and place a Google review outlining his experience in Bella Collina. Harassment from the Bella Collina staff followed this review.

Under the guise of the HOA, Bella Collina began to target Mr. Juravin and his wife, Anna, using an army of law firms. Immediately following the complaint, Juravin, his wife, and their three daughters were banned from the property clubhouse, but were still forced to pay the monthly fees required to use the clubhouse.

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