Dan Snyder Says He's Being Extorted by WFT Minority Owner Dwight Schar

Source: Knowledia

Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder made a court filing Wednesday as part of ongoing litigation brought forward by three of the club's minority owners, Dwight Schar, Fred ...

Jeff Haynes/Associated Press

Smith and Bob Rothman, alleging Schar is trying to lead an extortion campaign against him.

ESPN's John Keim reported Thursday that Snyder argues in the court documents that Schar is behind media leaks that have painted the franchise in a negative light, including a Washington Post story Tuesday detailing a $1.6 million settlement with a former female employee who accused Snyder of sexual misconduct.

"The Post's article includes several quotes from the filing that improperly give the misleading impression, based on Plaintiffs' position and status, that there was merit to the allegations of misconduct. Plaintiffs' purpose in submitting their supplemental filing is now clear: to try to continue to smear me in an effort to gain leverage in this business dispute," Snyder wrote in the court filing, per Keim.

U.S. District Judge Peter J. Messitte of Maryland is scheduled to hold a Jan. 7 hearing in the case with the sides accusing each other…

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