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Dan Snyder and Don Juravin have a cause in common: they would like to stop Dwight Schar, who runs Bella Collina and Ryan Homes, from acting in a manner similar to a “gangster.” Dan Snyder, the owner of the NFL Washington Football Team, accused Dwight Schar of acting like “a gangster” in court filings released in December, 2020.

Dwight schar accused in court_ GANGSTER and EXTORTIONIST by Dan Snyder

In a document filed against the lawsuit started by Dwight Schar and his business associates, Dan Snyder defended himself by saying, “I firmly believe that Plaintiffs’ motion and supplemental filing and the news articles that they have generated are the latest in the effort to extort me.”

Don Juravin and his family (wife Anna and three young daughters) have felt the same way about the treatment they have received from Dwight Schar and his Bella Collina henchmen. Don Juravin, a Jewish entrepreneur, who served in the Israeli military before coming to the United States to help people, is currently being harassed by websites hosted on the same server that hosts the Nazi website “The Daily Stormer”.

When Don Juravin wrote a complaint about Bella Collina, a community-owned by DCS Capital Investments (a Dwight Schar company) on Google, Randall Greene, the POA manager, responded, “We take bogus reviews very seriously.”

The lawsuits began, but Juravin’s family and home were harassed, vandalized, and doxxed by the employees at Bella Collina, on Dwight Schar’s payroll. This included the creation of websites meant to harass Don Juravin and ruin his reputation. One of the sites was placed on the notorious OrangeWebsite, a server in Iceland that is also a host to the Nazi website The Daily Stormer, according to the BBC. Commenters on forums have said that the owner of OrangeWebsite, Henri Johannes, is a pedophile.


Dan Snyder is suing a former employee who works for a company connected to Schar. Mary-Ellen Blair, named in the lawsuit, is accused of bribing current employees to release information about Snyder. She works for Comstock drHolding Companies, which has Schar’s daughter on the board.

Dan Snyder has had several fake stories released about him on foreign press sites. They say that he is a friend of Jeffery Epstein, and rode on his plane. They also bring up all the other scandals involving the NFL Washington Football Team. These sites are from out of the country. And even though they have taken the stories down, the headlines remain in Google searches about Snyder.

Dwight Schar even managed to affect The Washington Post, according to Snyder. The football team owner complained, “The Post’s article includes several quotes from the filing that improperly give the misleading impression, based on Plaintiffs’ position and status, that there was merit to the allegations of misconduct. Plaintiffs’ purpose in submitting their supplemental filing is now clear: to try to continue to smear me in an effort to gain leverage in this business dispute.”

Dwight Schar Victims by Anna Juravin

In another part of the file, Snyder accused Schar and his associates of extortion. “Beginning in approximately May 2020, plaintiffs embarked on a campaign to force Mr. Snyder either to sell WFI (the corporate name for the team) as a whole or buy out the plaintiffs for far in excess of the fair market value of their non-marketable minority interest in WFI,” his filing said. “When Mr. Snyder refused to accede to the plaintiffs’ demands a campaign commenced to disparage Mr. Snyder and his family in an effort to extort a handsome ransom for the plaintiffs’ interest in WFI.


Dwight Schar companies have been accused by some, including members of Congress, of deceptive business practices. To make matters worse, more recently, Dwight Schar, or his team members, purchased three companies through his CPA, Paul Simonson and/or attorney James Ryan. These companies were condemned by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for their deceptive practices and advertising among them ROCA LABS Nutraceuticals.


Richard Arrighi, the former business partner of Dwight Schar, has revealed some scandalous secrets about his former partner. In a signed affidavit, Arrighi said, “I was consistently told by Paul Simonson that Dwight Schar knew everything that DCS and the PDA were doing to the Juravins and I’m surprised that Mr. Schar could not have at least responded to Mrs. Juravin or at least provided the common decency to meet with the Juravins to discuss this entire situation.”

When Arrighi discovered that Dwight Schar was actually guilty of all the things that the Juravins and other Bella Collina families accused him of doing, he acted in an honorable fashion. A few months ago, he asked Dwight Schar to buy him out because he no longer wanted to be his partner. Dwight Schar made a condition for Arrighi to be paid his fair share. Schar wanted Richard Arrighi to sign a fraudulent affidavit. The affidavit stated that Don Juravin was trying to extort Arrighi because Dwight Schar wished to file a claim with the FBI. Dwight Schar would do anything to stop Don Juravin from telling the truth about Bella Collina and Dwight Schar.

Richard Arrighi refused to do that. As a result, Dwight Schar refused to pay and held Arrighi’s money. At the time, Richard Arrighi got information about the Juravins from Paul Simonson and Randall Greene. They gave Arrighi false information about the family.

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