Are Dan Snyder and Don Juravin The Victims of Dwight Schar’s Smear Campaigns?

Source: ABC Money

UPDATE: Don Juravin was asked to provide information regarding Dwight Schar in the NFL case.

Dwight Schar, a millionaire who owns a minority stake in the Washington NFL Football Team, has apparent connections to a high-profile lawsuit in DC. Currently, Dan Snyder is suing a former employee who works for a company connected to Schar. Mary-Ellen Blair, named in the lawsuit, is accused of bribing current employees to release information about Snyder. She works for Comstock Holding Companies, which has Schar’s daughter on the board.

Dan Snyder has had several fake stories released about him on foreign press sites. They say that he is a friend of Jeffery Epstein, and rode on his plane. They also bring up all the other scandals involving the NFL Washington Football Team. These sites are from out of the country. And even though they have taken the stories down, the headlines remain in Google searches about Snyder.

This is not the first time that someone who has fallen out of favor with Dwight Schar has been the victim of a smear campaign immediately afterward. Don Juravin, a Jewish entrepreneur, who served in the Israeli military before coming to the United States to help people, is currently being harassed by websites hosted on the same server that hosts the Nazi website “The Daily Stormer”.

When Don Juravin wrote a complaint about Bella Collina, a community-owned by DCS Capital Investments (a Dwight Schar company) on Google, Randall Greene, the POA manager, responded, “We take bogus reviews very seriously.”

The lawsuits began, but Juravin’s family and home were harassed, vandalized, and doxxed by the employees at Bella Collina, on Dwight Schar’s payroll. This included the creation of websites meant to harass Don Juravin and ruin his reputation. One of the sites was placed on the notorious OrangeWebsite, a server in Iceland that is also a host to the Nazi website The Daily Stormer, according to the BBC. Commenters on forums have said that the owner of OrangeWebsite, Henri Johannes, is a pedophile.

Greene hired one Trevor Scharich to write negative articles about Don Juravin on one of these websites. Trevor Scharich is writing defamatory articles about a man whose family survived the Holocaust.

An attorney who helped families in Bella Collina file a class action lawsuit against Schar, Greene, and Richard Arrighi (the head of Phoenix Homes and an ex-felon who committed a heist in Massachusetts in 2001), was also the victim of a smear campaign. Tim McCullough was subjected to strange memes made of his face and posted on deviantart, as well as bizarre press releases demanding the lawyer apologize for even initiating the class action.

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