Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina Homes or Condos – Zero Sales in October

Don Juravin investigated the official Florida Property Appraiser and found no home or condo sales for the month of October in Bella Collina.

Zero condo sales were also found for Siena at Bella Collina. Don Juravin joined the Orlando Sentinel newspaper in viewing the Siena at Bella Collina condos building as an “awful” or “ugly” building.

Dwight Schar bad choice of Paul Simonson as Bella Collina manager

Bella Collina in Florida is owned, financed and/or controlled by Dwight Schar. He used to be a billionaire but started losing his fortune at the time he hired Paul Simonson and partnered with the Richard Arrighi.

Whether you believe in jinxes or bad luck, it’s a fact of life that Bella Collina, after 17 years of tremendous sales efforts, is still a ghost town with an estimated less than ten percent real family occupancy who live there by choice year-round. Out of about 900 lots an estimated 800 lots are still empty occupied with weed, broken or dead trees, turkeys and snakes. These wild animals often find themselves on the lawn and near the houses of the few residents.

Zero sales in Bella Collina homes & Siena at Bella Collina condos in October

While Dwight Schar’s management in Bella Collina had advertised a very short drive time to and from Orlando, Don Juravin, a resident, measured several drive times of about 40 and even a long 60 minutes.

Don Juravin reveals that there are normally only two, often older or senior, guards who last only a very short period before they quit Bella Collina. These older “guards” are expected to watch over 900 lots. From my personal experience Bella Collina is not safe and for many other reasons, is not safe for families and not for kids.

Dwight Schar’s placement of Paul Simonson as a manager made the community even less desirable, with residents complaining of intimidation and harassment in court and on TV.

Source: Lake County Florida Property Appraiser

Prepared by: Don Karl Juravin, resident of Bella Collina

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