Dwight Schar's accused of shady Indian web defamation Randall Greene, Paul Simonson

Dwight Schar’s net worth is probably around $800 million. Part of his net worth is based on his shares in Dan Snyder‘s Washington Football team where he’s accused of being a “gangster” and using, what would seem to many, illegal underworld type of activity.

UPDATE: Dwight Schar is relying on the services of corrupt attorney Marc Randazza and henchman Randall Greene who has been accused of stealing a house in Bella Collina as well as harassing women and their kids. Randall Greene is an employee of Dwight Schar, who even placed him as the president of Bella Collina POA so he can better control Bella Collina residents. Randall Greene has been seen honking the horn at Anna Juravin on several occasions as well as at Don Juravin. Read more: DWIGHT SCHAR’S THUG, RANDALL GREENE, CONTINUES TO HARASS THE JURAVIN FAMILY IN BELLA COLLINA.

Is Randall Greene Buying Defamation On The Web For Dwight Schar?

Don Juravin was extorted by an Indian SEO company that is now involved with Randall Greene and his “RG Developments & Investments” and “Bella Collina Partners” companies. Randall Greene is actually getting his passive and active orders from Paul Simonson who “understands” Dwight Schar.

In approaching that Indian person, Randall Greene, and anyone involved already committed tortious interference violation but their real goal is to pay that Indian guy for presumably SEO services which will include hurting or damaging Don Juravin and his businesses.

Mr. Juravin says he will from now on assume that any negative and defamation is the act of Dwight Schar, Randall Greene, and the Indian guy which will be reported to the Indian police and the FBI.

Are Randall Greene and Paul Simonson involved in web extortion?

Dwight Schar Is Responsible for Paul Simonson and Randall Greene’s Thuggish Harassments

Dwight Schar’s partner made it very clear that nothing is done without the approval, or “understanding,” of the big boss Dwight Schar.

Dwight Schar communicates on the phone to Paul Simonson his wishes and Paul Simonson is carrying them out via Randall Greene and others. That way, Dwight Schar can always wash his hands of being incriminated or accused of wrongdoing. Paul Simonson, a talented CPA, in return, covers up for the boss. Paul Simonson is the one dispersing the funds and he probably knows how to “work the books” well.

A business partner described Randall Greene as a “joke” and as a failed businessman that aside from being an employee controlled by Dwight Schar for possibly shady activity, has nothing more going on for him. Dwight Schar has no choice but to rely on Randall Greene’s “unique services” that may be legally questionable. One of those services would be spearing Dwight Schar’s opponents on the web like attorney Tim McCullough, Anna Juravin, and Don Juravin and his business.

Don Juravin speculates that Paul Simonson is also using attorney James Ryan for questionable or possibly unethical activity. Attorney James Ryan does it for the good money paid to him mainly from the POA controlled by Dwight Schar. But that check was paid for by the failed and troubled Bella Collina community.

Don Juravin, a mentor and a Biblical scholar, who sued Dwight Schar for his abusive behavior, insists that Dwight Schar is fully responsible for everything in Bella Collina and the actions of the people he pays for or controls, directly, or indirectly.

Dwight Schar has engaged in possibly illegal activity and he should be held responsible for it, says Don Juravin.

Dwight Schar’s employee involved in hiring Indian web defamation & extortion Randall Greene

Juravin To File an FBI Complaint Against Randall Greene, Paul Simonson, & Dwight Schar

Don Juravin says that he has no choice but to assemble all the evidence of the extortion, web defamation, and the link of Randall Greene to the Indian SEO specialist. “There is no question that Randall Greene only acts for Paul Simonson who answers to Dwight Schar,” says Don Juravin.

Don Juravin says, “I believe Dwight Schar is trying to illegally frame a recent court filing which was financed by Dwight Schar. I believe that Paul Simonson and Dwight Schar paying to file court evidence which was possibly made by Dwight Schar’s team is possibly illegal and criminal.”

I further believe that corrupt attorney Marc Randazza or Dwight Schar are somehow involved with the site created to defame my wife calling her a “whore.” That site, I am told, says Don Juravin, was made by a guy from the porn industry which is related to corrupt attorney Marc Randazza which was hired by Dwight Schar.

These accusations seem similar to those expressed by Dan Snyder‘s legal team.

Unethical Business Practices Of Dwight Schar

Without Paul Simoson‘s permission, Randall Greene would not have committed all those despicable acts like blocking the school bus to a mother and her kid in Bella Collina or the intimidation and harassment of Anna Juravin and her three daughters. Paul Simonson would not have let it happen if Dwight Schar would have not ordered him to act unethically or simply allowed it by not preventing it.

Dwight Schar Has Already Been Accused Of Using “GANGSTER” Tactics

Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder accused his partner Dwight Schar of acting like “a gangster,” while also accusing all three of the limited partners he is in legal warfare with of deliberately smearing him in an effort to force him to sell the team, in a blockbuster court filing.

In newly unsealed, though redacted, filing from last month in the lawsuit with his partners, Snyder accuses them of orchestrating articles in an India-based website that, without evidence, linked him to sex trafficking, and of being the sources for the high profile Washington Post story about sexual harassment at the team.

“Beginning in approximately May 2020, plaintiffs embarked on a campaign to force Mr. Snyder either to sell WFI (the corporate name for the team) as a whole or buy out the plaintiffs for far in excess of the fair market value of their non-marketable minority interest in WFI,” his Nov. 16 filing said. “When Mr. Snyder refused to accede to the plaintiffs’ demands a campaign commenced to disparage Mr. Snyder and his family in an effort to extort a handsome ransom for the plaintiffs’ interest in WFI.”

His legal dispute with his three principal limited partners – Schar, Robert Rothman, and Fred Smith – has been clear for over a month: they want to jointly sell their combined 40 percent stake, and Snyder won’t agree to the transaction. But how vitriolic and angry the dispute becomes clear in the wave of filings unsealed by the federal court Friday.

Is Schar Involved In Blackmailing Dan Snyder?

One of the unsealed documents is a text from the three limited partners’ adviser, John Moag, to Snyder. The text insinuates Moag knows something awful about Snyder.

“Hey Dan – My lawyers sent me your filing in which you are representing yourself…,” Moag wrote in the text, the date of which is not given in the filing. “If you continue your game, you know what I know about and what I have never spoken about. And you know it has nothing to do with the media shit … it’s the more serious shit. “If you want to get to a clean conclusion, let me know. If you want a shit show, we are on for that too. John”

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