Washington Football Team Owner Dan Snyder Claims He's Being Extorted

Source: iHeart Radio

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder claims that he is being extorted by Dwight Schar, one of the franchise's minority owners. He made the claims in a court filing one day after the Washington Post detailed a 2009 million sexual misconduct settlement in which the team paid $1.6 million to an employee.

While two independent investigations failed to substantiate the employee's claims, Snyder reportedly agreed to settle with her to avoid negative publicity. In the legal filing, Snyder accused Schar of threatening to leak information about the settlement in an effort to force him to sell the team.

"I have been the subject of an extortion campaign by Plaintiff Dwight Schar based on the threat of leaking information about the meritless allegations for which, despite his knowledge that no evidence of wrongdoing was found after an investigation by a well-respected law firm, Plaintiff Schar nevertheless threatened to reveal to discredit me and embarrass my family, but which the insurance carrier decided to settle," Snyder said in the filing.

"I firmly believe that Plaintiffs' motion and supplemental filing and the news articles that they have generated are the latest in the effort to extort me," Snyder said.

Schar's attorneys have not commented on Snyder's claims.

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