Goliath Against David: Dwight Schar Spends Millions To Fight A Jew From Israel

Source: NewsYTribune

Dwight & Martha Schar billionaires fight a Jewish Biblical scholar

Dwight Schar, the founder of Ryan Homes and NV Homes, minority owner of the NFL Washington Football Team, and controller of the troubled Bella Collina community in central Florida, is pouring millions into a legal battle with a Jewish-Israeli man. Dwight Schar would like to see Don Juravin, an American entrepreneur and Israeli immigrant, in jail for using the hashtag # Bella Collina.

Don Juravin and his family moved to Bella Collina in late December of 2015, after the sales agents told Juravin that the reputable billionaire had a leadership role in the community in central Florida. He and his wife, Anna, trusted the prestigious name of Dwight Schar and hoped the neighborhood would be a safe home for their three daughters. At the time, Mr. Juravin was a successful entrepreneur. He had spent years helping to make thousands of lives better, saving them from surgery. He was known for "Don Juravin saved my life".

“Trashy Bella Collina” reported Don Juravin

After experiencing nine months at Bella Collina, Mr. Juravin had enough of the broken promises. Bella Collina looked trashy with trash bins on the streets 5-6 days a week and Bella Collina didn't feel luxury, as advertised. It seemed most people in the neighborhood (what few lived there) also left their trash in Bella Collina, to be picked up.

After nine months of dealing with the restrictive policies set by the HOA, Mr. Juravin posted a review on Google reprimanding Bella Collina and its owner, Dwight Schar, for the problem with the trash. Before that, he had spoken to the property manager several times about seeing if the county could add Bella Collina to its trash pickups.

After that review was posted, everything went downhill from there. The staff sent letters through Bella Collina’s extensive legal team, funded by Dwight Schar’s billions, threatening to sue Mr. Juravin unless he took down his bad review.


Dwight Schar is almost 80 years man and an old billionaire who still has many years to live. However, the kind of reputation he has built and the kind of reputation his son, Spencer Schar, will inherit is one of harassment, intimidation, and anti-Semitic behavior.

When the Juravins went on vacation, they had to alert the community’s security that they would be gone for two weeks. After they left, the Bella Collina staff called the county sheriff’s animal control department and reported that the Juravins’ two cats were being abused. Dwight Schar’s employee, Mr. Greene, sent Mr. Juravin another text message, this time saying, “Sheriff’s office animal control unit should have been in touch with you as they were called on my instructions. Please do try to enjoy your vacation.” The Juravins were able to clear this up, and the county police department noted that the two cats were in good health and were well cared for. But the Bella Collina staff, authorized by Dwight Schar, viciously tried to take the family members away.

Similarly, Juravin’s oldest daughter felt threatened by the harassment the family received and left to go back to Israel. Because of Dwight Schar’s tacit approval of the situation, the Juravin family was broken up.

In the past two years, the Juravins have reported multiple incidents happening on their property, in Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina. Their cars have been viciously keyed. Their backyard furniture has been broken. Their pool lines have been cut. Strange cars have driven by slowly and stared at their three daughters playing in the yard. They have been contacted repeatedly by random unlisted numbers, often who mock Mr. Juravin’s accent or call him names. Randall Greene, Dwight Schar’s henchman, has driven by the house and yelled anti-Semitic slurs at Don Juravin, by Juravin’s testimony.

The family was banned from the community’s country club and labeled as “dangerous.” Despite the ban, the Juravins were still forced to pay for these amenities, at the rate of $5,000 a year. The daughters’ school held a graduation party at Dwight Schar’s Club, where the daughters were not allowed to attend. One daughter was eight years old; the other was 11.


It seems as if Dwight Schar can do things in such a way that he lets employees do the dirty work. Paul Simonson and Randall Greene, both appointed by Schar, have been involved in silencing residents.

Simonson is also on Dwight Schar’s payroll. A good boss knows what their employee is doing and accepts some responsibility for his employee. Don Juravin testifies that Dwight Schar’s employees do not do anything without his approval.

Anna Juravin, the wife of Don Juravin and entrepreneur herself, also testifies that Dwight Schar is well aware of the terrible things that are happening in Bella Collina. According to Anna, Schar is the man in charge. Therefore, he has no excuses for what has happened in his community. As far as she's concerned, no man should be hiding behind a corporate veil while his company inflicts suffering against mothers, children, and even their pets. "It may even be criminal or, at least, it feels like it,” she says.


Anna Juravin has founded a non-profit organization meant to help those who feel Dwight Schar’s poor management has victimized them.

Many unexplained and scary incidents have taken place in Bella Collina that have threatened the well-being of families. Anna Juravin’s car had been keyed all around while parked on her property in Bella Collina. She feels someone in Bella Collina destroyed the vehicle "as a warning." That doesn't make her and her children feel safe in Bella Collina. Since the guards are controlled by Dwight Schar's team, headed by Randall Greene, she suspects it was an "inside job." Her tires had been damaged several times, and she feels she can no longer safely leave her home.

Dwight Schar Employs Randall Greene Accused of Harassing Residents

Other families have complained of similar harassment. The Sutherins, a family that had lived for more than a decade in Bella Collina, had to have their children leave the neighborhood to get picked up by the bus. The children had to walk across a major interstate highway to get to school.

Like the other families, the Sutherins’ transponders were deactivated by Randall Greene. This action meant that the Sutherins had to seek entry via the guard gate. Every time they came and left, the security guards told the Sutherins that they had to follow them and report their location to Mr. Greene.

After two years, the Sutherins moved out of the community. However, they still kept their Bella Collina property, leasing it to another family instead. By moving out, the Sutherins thought they were escaping the harassment from the staff at the gated community and placing their family in a safer situation.

However, like a scene out of a nightmare, Greene sent a text to Kathryn Sutherin in the mail, along with an embossed mug: “Once again you give yourself too much credit in assuming I am obsessed with you people. You don’t pay your bills to anyone, including several lawyers I know. We sent you a mug just to let you know that we have not forgotten that you still owe us money, and we know where to send a copy of the judgment when we get it. You are the child blowing your horn, and so is your husband w[ith] the chopper buzzing houses in BC. Next time I get an N [sic] number when comes out here [sic], my lawyer will file another complaint …I don’t like white trash.”

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