Is Attorney RONALD GREEN UNETHICAL - Alleged fraudulent DMCA notice for corrupt attorney Randazza

Dwight Schar, the founder of NVR Inc., and the minority owner of the NFL Washington Football Team uses corrupt attorney Marc Randazza in order to file a notice against a publisher with a complaint that made no sense and might have been fraudulent in nature.

It seems like a fraudulent copyright takedown notice, by attorney Ronald Green (Randazza Legal Group), was sent to a publisher with a possible false DMCA complaint demanding that an art which doesn’t belong to their clients, will be removed. It’s a picture of Don Juravin‘s house and yet attorney Ronald Green claimed that it had been “copied onto your servers without permission.” However, the picture was literally of a building that belongs to Don Juravin and the banner is not the property of Dwight Schar or Bella Collina. Schar, Bella Collina, and its associates do not own the house in question. Don Juravin and his family own that house and their picture.

Has Dwight Schar or Paul Simonson Sent Corrupt Randazza To Falsely Remove Free Speech?

Dwight Schar relies on Paul Simonson’s advice and Simonson seems to repeatedly fall for Randall Greene who has been accused of stealing a house in Bella Collina and for harassment and intimidation of women and kids.

The DCMA (Digital Millennial Copyright Act) states that penalties for false takedown notices are severe. The person responsible “shall be liable for any damages, including costs and attorneys’ fees, incurred by the alleged infringer, by any copyright owner or copyright owner’s authorized licensee, or by a service provider, who is injured by such misrepresentation, as the result of the service provider relying upon such misrepresentation in removing or disabling access to the material or activity claimed to be infringing, or in replacing the removed material or ceasing to disable access to it.”

Marc Randazza fraudgulent DMCA letter – attorney Ronald Green

Why Is Dwight Schar Using Corrupt Randazza?

The State Bar of Nevada charged Randazza for violating Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct on nine counts. He broke the rules in regards to:

  • Communication,

  • Conflict of Interest: Current Clients,

  • Conflict of Interest: Current Clients: Specific Rules,

  • Imputation of Conflicts of Interest,

  • Safekeeping Property,

  • Declining or Terminating Representation, Advisor,

  • Restrictions on Right to Practice,

  • Misconduct.

Dwight Schar has been accused by multiple people of unsavory business tactics. One of his companies, Ryan Homes, was investigated by USA Today and sent a letter from Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH). The senator pleaded with Ryan Homes to stop some of its practices that were harming consumers.

The Merriam Webster definition of corrupt is “dishonest or illegal behavior.”

Randazza Fired By Alex Jones

HuffPost writes that “outrageous” Randazza is “curiously chummy” with fascists and racists. Randazza has also represented several Neo-Nazis in court, including Andrew Anglin, who published the address of a Jewish realtor on the Nazi website The Daily Stormer.

But “rude” Randazza was so bad that even conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had to fire him. The InfoWars founder was told by a Connecticut judge that Randazza was “tainted.” The same judge accused Randazza of “serious misconduct.” In addition, Randazza lied while filing claims for Jones in the state of Connecticut, where he was not licensed to practice.

Randazza Investigated By Five State Bars

Not only was Randazza investigated by the Nevada State Bar, but also he was investigated by four other states: Massachusetts, Arizona, Florida, and California. He has also been suspended by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Legal registry Avvo rated him 1 out 10 with “extreme caution” because he had received disciplinary action. Several five-star reviews boosted his profile, however, some of them were very long and very poorly written. They also talked about irrelevant points, including “love and respect.”

Dwight Schar and Bella Collina have chosen this particular attorney to represent them. Schar is now associated with an attorney who has major ethical violations attached to his name, who tries to strike at the racial divide in America.

Lately, corrupt Marc Randazza was collaborating with attorney William Matthews from Shutts & Bowen law firm, attorney James Ryan, attorney David Landis from Mateer Harbert law firm, and appeared in front of judge Karen Jennemann to convince her that First Amendment right of social media can be sold off.

Attorney Ronald D. Green For Corrupt Randazza

While corrupt Randazza struggles to work in Nevada, his partner, Ronald D. Green, has no issue with sending out false copyright takedown notices. In his bio, Green writes, “His enforcement efforts have included traditional trademark, copyright, and patent litigation, domain name arbitration and litigation, and seizures of infringing goods coordinated with United States Marshals.” If he is so good with copyright litigation, why did he send a fake notice about a photo owned by Don Juravin?

Scary Investment in Bella Collina

Suppressing Free Speech Fraudulently?

UPDATE: Marc Randazza styles himself a free speech lawyer. However, he has no problem with creating false copyright notices to take down another’s free expression.

But when it comes to Neo-Nazis, Randazza prefers to work with them. HuffPost writes that “outrageous” Randazza is “curiously chummy” with fascists and racists. Randazza has also represented several Neo-Nazis in court, including Andrew Anglin, who published the address of a Jewish realtor on the Nazi website The Daily Stormer.

In some pieces written for humor/legal blog Popehat, Randazza made the advocated in an argument for legalizing child pornography. “I am going to make the case for legalization of child pornography,” he wrote. He argued that photos of babies in bathtubs, pictures of girlfriends, and children in bathing suits could be classified as child pornography. Randazza even admitted, “I expect to have this very post used against me in the future.”

He also suggested in the blog that public masturbation could be considered freedom of speech. “I think that the Gatewood decision leaves the question open as to whether you might be able to beat off in public there because you ‘fucking hate Portland,’” he wrote.

Bella Collina News Investigation

Bella Collina Residents Protest Against Dwight Schar and Paul Simonson Management

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