Are Dan Snyder & Dwight Schar Engaging in a War?

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Monday was one of those days.

Then again, so was Sunday. Saturday wasn't that crazy. Friday was an insane asylum if you deal with the Washington Football Team and its chaotic existence for a living.

Ron Rivera spoke yesterday and for the most part, that was primarily football. You know - the sport that this is supposed to be about.

Often - we get very little of that and much more dysfunction and drama.

After Rivera spoke to reporters including, we found out that Dan Snyder had doubled down on his Friday feast of suing a media company for $10 million with filing court documents designed to shake down what he feels is a financed smear campaign.

Dan Snyder Accuses Former 'Disgruntled' EmployeeDan Snyder will never be popular in Washington, even if his troubled NFL team can finally turn it around and wins a Super Bowl. He is public enemy No. 1 still and especially after he lost his body armor in Bruce Allen.

Now, via reporting from The Washington Post and the New York Times, this could be just the tip of the iceberg about what is to come.

As the court filing strongly suggests and matter of factly accuses, this is about Mary Ellen Blair, yes, but it certainly seems like Dan Snyder is after a much bigger fish.

It's possible that 'fish' is Snyder's business partner and part-owner, Dwight Schar.

They might completely dismiss that and Schar's name was not in the actual court documents filed Friday or Monday, but because of the connections the Post and Times made, it's impossible to ignore the reality.

Both publications connected the dots indirectly and directly between Schar's family and Blair. Make no mistake - it's impossible to walk away with any other perspective unless you're being completely naive.

We already knew that Schar, Fred Smith and Bob Rothman are trying to sell their stake in the organization. Smith clearly was angry enough to draw a line in the sand with his company, FedEx.

The longtime partners of Snyder's were all once very close. It's hard to imagine that they are all buddy-buddy at this point and maybe forever.

It seems as if Snyder thinks that this was a coordinated plot (based on court filings) to get to the financial backing of Blair and perhaps the entire alleged scheme.

Have I heard the whispers and rumblings behind the scenes? Yes. Have people been talking on and off the record? Yes. Do I believe that this is a war that is heating up and perhaps ready to explode? Absolutely.

I can't say for sure that Snyder is going after Schar but again, it's hard, if not impossible to walk away not feeling that.

The partners have long been frustrated with Snyder's lack of leadership and also were not happy with Bruce Allen.

Allen was finally disposed of but that doesn't mean their anger stopped there.

Some in the NFL (other owners) and some in the league office continue to be beyond worried and disappointed at the complete decay of a valuable entity and that isn't going away anytime soon, according to sources.

Perhaps this is a much bigger plot? I don't know. All I know is that when you get men with power and absurd wealth along with anger, that's not a good recipe for success.

The other owners might just want to get out and not cause any war with Snyder but if they can't get out because of the current economic climate and the terrible reputation that the organization and Snyder has - they might be willing to take down Snyder by any means necessary.

Either way, hold onto to your seats because this isn't ending anytime soon.

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