Daniel Snyder alleges he is being extorted by WFT minority owner

Source: Radio.com

As more concerning news about Daniel Snyder comes out, the Washington Football Team owner is pushing back.

Snyder filed a lawsuit on Wednesday in U.S. District Cout in southern Maryland, alleging that he is a victim of extortion and that minority team owner Dwight Schar was trying to force him to sell the franchise.

The filing came a day after a Washington Post story provided details of a $1.6 million settlement the franchise paid to a former employee over a sexual misconduct allegation against Snyder in 2009.

Snyder, in his lawsuit obtained by multiple media outlets, alleges Schar had knowledge there was no evidence of wrongdoing but still “threatened to reveal [the settlement] to discredit me and embarrass my family, but which the insurance carrier decided to settle.”

Snyder has long suspected someone was leaking harmful information to discredit him, and claims in his lawsuit that the Washington Post article includes quotes that “improperly give the misleading impression…that there was merit to the allegations of misconduct. Plaintiffs’ purpose in submitting their supplemental filing is now clear: to try to continue to smear me in an effort to gain leverage in this business dispute.”

The Washington Post story revealed that Snyder’s alleged incident occurred on his private plane while flying back from the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Last week, the New York Times reported that two investigations in 2009 – by the team and an outside law firm – found the former employee’s claims to be unsubstantiated, and that the settlement was agreed upon to avoid any negativie publicity.

The settlement reportedly did not include any admission of wrongdoing from Snyder, or anyone else.

Snyder also alleges that Schar has tried for months to characterize the team and the owner in a negative matter in order to pressure him to sell and claims that Schar told Snyder’s attorney he had a bombshell that would “kill Dan” if it came out.

In addition to the alleged threats Schar made to Snyder’s attorney, Snyder also claims he received similar threats from John Moag, the investment banker of the Washington Football Team minority owners, in a text message that said, “You know what I know and what I’ve never spoken about…If you want a s—tshow, we are on for that too.”

Earlier this year, the Washington Post had a scathing report on the franchise and the culture under Snyder, which included a total of 40 women who said they were sexually harassed while employed by Washington.

The NFL is conducting an independent investigation into the allegations in the Washington Post articles and recently announced former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch would be a part of the investigation and look into Schar’s alleged role in leaking information.

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