Washington Football owner Dan Snyder accuses minority partner of extortion

Source: FR24 News

Washington football team owner Dan Snyder filed a case on Wednesday accusing a minority owner of a team of attempted extortion.

The filing, made in Maryland, says minority owner Dwight Schar allegedly tried to force Snyder to sell the franchise. Snyder cites Schar’s involvement in Tuesday’s report from the Washington Post who discovered a payment of $ 1.6 million by the Washington football team to a former employee as part of a confidential settlement in 2009 after describing Snyder’s sexual misconduct.

“I firmly believe that the request and the additional filing of the plaintiffs and the press articles they generated are the latest efforts to extort me,” the file says.

In court records filed Monday in a dispute between team owners, Snyder’s business partners called the woman’s account a “serious charge of sexual misconduct.” Snyder’s brief contradicted several quotes from the Publishand claims to have given a “misleading impression” of the merits of the allegations.

The 2009 settlement served to avoid negative publicity for Snyder rather than an admission of sexual misconduct, according to the Publish.

Snyder says no evidence of wrongdoing was found after an investigation by a law firm.

“The plaintiffs’ purpose in submitting their additional filing is now clear: to try and continue to smear me in an effort to gain influence in this trade dispute,” Snyder’s filing read.

Snyder’s three minority partners, Schar, Fred Smith and Bob Rothman, together own 40% of the team. They started showing interest in selling their shares this summer, but Snyder’s advertised offer to buy them fell well below the value of the franchise.

NFL investigates Snyder, Washington football franchise after another Washington Post in July, former employees described their experiences of sexual harassment within the organization. In August, the Publish released another report alleging that a former senior executive asked employees to create a behind-the-scenes video of Snyder featuring the team’s cheerleaders, which Snyder has denied.

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