Daniel Snyder secures the ability to pursue evidence of possible smear campaign

Sometimes, the wheels of justice move slowly. Sometimes, they move like grease through a goose.

A day after filing a supplemental petition in a California federal court seeking permission to conduct discovery relating to a defamation lawsuit pending in India, the petition has been granted.

“Today’s granting of our motion in less then 24 hours brings us one step closer to unveiling the criminals who paid for a despicable and false story to be written about Dan Snyder in what will be a futile attempt to damage his standing as the WFT owner,” lawyer Joe Tacopina said via text message. “Our defamation lawsuit just gained substantial momentum today.”

The decision means that Snyder will be able to conduct discovery from New Content Media, Inc. as it relates to the publication of articles falsely linking Snyder to Jeffrey Epstein on meaww.com — and as it relates to any connection between meaww.com and a company known as HoneyHouse, its owner Ari Bass, and attorney Marc Randazza regarding the existence of an alleged scheme to defame Snyder via the paid placement of defamatory articles on meaww.com.

To the extent that a link to Randazza can be established, it’s possible that Snyder will then try to show a link back to Washington minority owner Dwight Schar, whom Randazza has represented.

In a Virginia federal court, Snyder is attempting to secure discovery establishing a potential link between former Washington employee Mary Ellen Blair and Comstock Holding, which is partially owned by Schar.

UPDATE 8:17 p.m. ET: Randazza has filed an emergency motion to intervene in the case and to strike any references to him. He says he has no connection to meaww.com and only limited knowledge of Ari Bass.

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