Spencer Schar – Daddy ’s spoiled brat - A manager of Bella Collina

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A spoiled brat is a child whose parents give everything what it wants. A spoiled brat is a self-centered figure with egocentric and narcissistic behavior, not caring for anyone around but itself. Spencer Schar is the spoiled brat of Dwight Schar, the famous businessman and “philanthropist” owning several companies across the country. Spencer Schar as a student of Elon University at North Carolina was on the list of candidates for Bachelor ’s degrees in Elon’s 2019 commencement program.

A son of a billionaire who invested $12 million to Elon University in 2014 and had the university’s 161,000-square-foot, 5,100-seat Schar Center named after them, as well as Schar Hall, the new communications building, just got himself in an unwanted situation. On an off-campus party, Dwight Schar ’s son showed his true form. Drinking too much, daddy ’s son started to act violently and assaulted three students, allegedly kicking them, punching and pushing them, refusing to leave the party and making a stressful situation for everyone, especially the young girls being assaulted by him. Tackled down and punched by another student Spencer Schar was neutralized and taken back to his apartment. The student, who tackled Schar, was Sam Shaw. The next morning, the incident was reported to the police and they immediately started investigation conducting student hearings and administrators. Students told the real part of the story, while on the other side the administrators declined to offer specifics about the case, claiming federal privacy laws barred them from speaking further.

The police report, which should have been made publicly available after the town concluded its investigation in mid-November, was erroneously kept private in the police department’s internal reporting portal. By the end of the semester, after a two-month process, Elon’s Office of Student Conduct decided to punish both Schar and Shaw. While Schar was suspended for the 2018 spring semester for assaulting three students, Shaw was suspended for the 2018 spring and fall semesters for punching Schar, according to Shaw and another individual familiar with the case. The university declined to confirm the students’ suspension lengths but did state Shaw and Schar were not enrolled at Elon as of the spring. Schar has recently been added back in to the university ’s student directory, suggesting he will return to Elon in the fall. Elon spokesman Dan Anderson declined to discuss details of the case and argued that the private nature of student conduct hearings prevents nonparticipants from knowing what happened. He also suggested legal implications for reporting on the story.

Quite a brat, isn’t he? Well, let ’s look at the details. Let ’s talk about Schar ’s family influence and how the law is always on their side.

Spencer Schar is the son of Elon’s biggest donors, Dwight and Martha Schar. The Schars have contributed $13 million to the university to provide lead funding for the recently expanded School of Communications facilities and a new convocation center scheduled to open this fall under their family’s name. In 2014, they pledged $12 million, the largest single gift in Elon University history. It is not clear how much of that has already been paid, as Elon refused to share details about payment schedules for the charitable contributions it receives. Dwight Schar is the founder and chairman of the board of NVR Inc., the fifthlargest homebuilding company in the nation. He has served on the President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts for the Kennedy Center, was national finance chair for the Republican National Committee and is co-owner of the NFL’s Washington Redskins. In 2010, Forbes ranked him 937th on its annual list of the world’s billionaires.

Daddy has the money, daddy makes the rules, I am Spencer Schar and I make you fools.

Clearly no one can make a sense out of the University’s decision and how someone can take harder punishment for stopping a harassment, and the other one being the harasser takes lighter punishment and case closes!? Well not in this case. Since Spencer is Dwight Schar ’s son, things work different. Of course, if a family donates millions in University, the administrators can make things go smoother if someone makes a terrible mistake.

But the unequal suspension lengths for Schar and Shaw raise concerns among those who witnessed the incident. Shaw sued the university for breach of contract, claiming the relationship between students and the university is essentially a contract, part of that contract is a fair student-conduct process, and that failure to follow its own procedures denied Shaw the benefits of his education and damaged his reputation. Elon released a statement on the court’s ruling. “Elon University is pleased with the decision by the U.S. District Court to dismiss this litigation. The court ruled that Mr. Shaw ‘alleges no plausible facts to support his conclusion that Elon failed to base its decision upon a preponderance of the evidence.’ Moreover, the court noted that Mr. Shaw ‘received the disciplinary process set forth in the Student Handbook,’ including the student rights provided in it. The court ’s ruling also follows legal precedent about student conduct codes and handbooks.” According to federal law, Shaw has the right to make public his own disciplinary records but said that, upon the advice of his lawyer, he would wait to see how the legal process plays out. When reached by phone for an initial comment, he sounded surprised, saying, “I didn’t think that this would ever, ever come. … It’s cool that someone actually knows about this.”

The inexperienced boy became a manager

Spencer Schar is now assigned to be the manager of Bella Collina – a luxury lake community in Orlando and according to news articles, it is one of the most controversial gated communities in the states. Even though Bella Collina has been recognized as a beautiful place to live, lawsuits, disagreeing, intimidation, unhappy homeowners fleeing the community is just a normal thing there. So daddy ’s boy got to be the manager of Bella Collina. The same community that was sued by hundreds of families for deception and racketeering. The troubled community has a long history of trading lawsuits with homeowners which is why it got the bad reputation in first place. Now Dwight Schar assigned his inexperienced son to manage the community of Bella Collina. The already controversial community, just got even more controversial with “non-professionals” and inexperienced people ruling the place. Imagine just the people living there. A boy managing their homes and setting out the rules.

A spoiled brat is a child whose parents give everything what it wants. A spoiled brat is a self-centered figure with egocentric and narcissistic behavior, not caring for anyone around but itself.

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